Hi . sir

Hello .. I have paid some of the money in order to buy gold .. .. but the seller is not Interlace and I do not know that he is not Interlace waited for some time in order to received the gold, but no one spoke to me .. then discovered that the seller does not Interlace and canceled the deal and .. I was trying to buy from another vendor but does not allow me to buy .. because of a defect in the account and the money is reserved .. I do not know how I recall the money in order to do a deal with another vendor? .. Can you relive the money to me?

 Hi Mobarak,

Please be informed that this order 5790659 has been canceled accordingly. And it will takes within 14 working days for the money to be reflect back to your credit card. The refund will show at your credit card statement by end of the month. Thank you.

How can I guarantee the money to me?

You may check your credit card statement by end of the month. It will show the refund for this order at your credit card statement.

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