This is to notify you that your order is now being processed and the CD key will be delivered to you during official launch of the game.


i have purchased WoW MoP Collector US cd-key, and received this message, i want to notice that i purchased also wow prepaid 60days and received cd-key instantly.

Hi Patryk,

Our sincerest apologies, the limited editions we carry are pre-ordered items and we have notified the respective team accordingly. They shall be uploading the code for you in the soonest time possible and once Order 5740148 completes, we shall notify you accordingly via e-mail.


Hi again,

Please be informed that the CDKey have been uploaded and you may check on your order right now.

Thank you for your kind patience :)


yes thank you

Dear Patryk,

You are move welcome.


I have same Issue with WoD CD Key

ORDER#: 5813943

Help me please

Sorry Eru but the product is only available prior to game launch. That is why the product is set on preorder instead of instant delivery. It will only be delivered before game launch.

Let us know if you have any further question.

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