Am I going to be asked for personal info verification?

Posted over 8 years by ARIA

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Hello! Today I saw this page on the support center

and under 'Paypal' in the checkout page there's "Customers may be subjected to a one time verification process."

I really don't want to give my info to anyone on internet, so I'll appreciate it if you could answer my questions ^^"

I want to buy with my Paypal and it's verified,

1- are you going to ask me such personal information (ID,Passport,etc)?

2- what should I do beforehand so I won't be asked such info?

3- and in case you asked me for those info and I declined, Will you refund me? fully?

Thank you! :)

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Elizabeth posted over 8 years

Dear ARIA,

Kindly be informed that upon registration, customers who are to use our services will have to agree to the terms and conditions - optional verification is one of them. Customers may or may not be requested to submit, depending on the state of their purchases.

Also, customers may have been verified with PayPal but, that is between the customer with the payment gateway. The verification you have inquired about is between a customer and us as the online merchant.

In your case, here are the answers:

1. Yes and also no, depending on the situation and the requirement of the purchase.

2. Since the verification requirements are determined by our system after a customer have placed their order, we are unable to foresee the trigger until a customer actually places an order that is authorized by PayPal.

3. As explained above, it is an optional verification and if a customer chooses to reject submission, we will not be able to fulfill the order and receive the payment thus, funds shall be reinstated accordingly.

Hope that helps. :)


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