Paypal Verification?

I verified my paypal about 30 minutes ago but it seems to still be stuck at that process. Was just wondering how long it generally takes for that verification to go through? The  payment went through successfully on paypal so yeah. Just wondering.


Hello Zach,

Thank you for contacting us. It appears that your first purchase #5577716 with us, has been completed after verification has been completed by our officers. The code will then be delivered to your OffGamers account.

Generally, an order will usually take 5 to 15 minutes after the first purchase. This is because of the first time verification, which is required to be forwarded to the respective department for review.

Feel free to ask if you have any further question. We will be glad to assist you with your inquiries.

I have received the same email many times about verification from yesterday and I click to the link to verify.From yesterday It says Veryfying.Why?I haven't receive the code.


Hi Leonidas,

Your email address has been verified.

However your PayPal email address remains unverified. Please check your inbox and junk folder to verify it before we can proceed with your order.

Thank you.

Why when I press the link for verifying my paypal email ,it open a window and at this account and says "fail to verify"

 Hello Gerald,

That's probably your 1st click on the verification link sent to you via email, has already registered as successfully verified. Clicks after that will display error "fail to verify"

Dear Gerald,

Sorry about the confusion but, it seems that this error happens when your OffGamers e-mail and your PayPal e-mail address is actually the same whereby you are required verify only once for your OffGamers e-mail address and the PayPal e-mail address would be verified together.

Your purchase have successfully completed and we hope that everything is working fine. :)


hi my order is still stuck on verification

Hi Mirza,

We've checked on your history linked to your e-mail address. Seems that the only order you have have been successfully verified and the delivery is complete.

Hope that everything worked well for you.


Hi guys, my order is also stuck on verification. Can you help? Thanks.

 Hi Greg,

It appears that your order has been completed 12 minutes after we have received your post to confirm that your Paypal email address has been verified.

Do let us know if you need any further assistance.

Hi guys,

Still waiting on a paypal email confirmation. How long does it usually take?

 Hello Jarrad,

Pretty sure your purchase has been completed by now. Drop us a message again if you have any further questions =)


I've gotten an email every day since I ordered saying my PayPal needs to be verified, but never actually received the email that's supposed to have a link to verify itself. Any help?

Hi Jake, we have resend the email to you again. Please check your email ( and locate our Support email to verify your paypal email. Please check inside spam/junk inbox as well.


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