Phone number verification problem


Am I supposed to receive an sms on my mobile to confirm the number once I register? Because I never got it, and once I proceed to purchase, it says my number has either been used before or it's not correct. Then I tried with a different mobile number, but same results. Please help me.

 Dear Carol,

We have attempted to call you at the registered number but it appears to be invalid. Kindly contact our Live Chat Support or reply to this post once you have updated your mobile phone number. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Same for me. My number is +905xxxxxxxx but the system says it is invalid

*** EDIT: Concealing the number for security purposes. by James Wong ***

Dear Muhammet,

We have located that your mobile number was actually verified with us on the account registered under a Muhammet GÜZEL last year in October. If you have trouble recovering your account, please e-mail us at with your customer ID 856259 as reference.

We shall be awaiting for your swift response.


 hey guys i got the same problem "number in use or invalid" then i use my girlfriend phone and still the same messagge what i do?

im from mexico +52552306####

thx for u help!

I'm also having the same problem it keeps saying "The mobile number you had provide is in used or invalid. Please key in another mobile number."


Hi Robert. It seems that your phone number has been updated and verified successfully.

Hi israel, we've done some tweaking to the system. Please try to verify your phone number again and let us know if it works. Thank you :)
still the same error and my number is
(+52)<- local code
phone number 552306####
the system or u added "1" -> +521552306#### but still doing the same error


Hi israel. We have manually verified your phone number. You may proceed to place new order now. Thank you


I'm having the same problem, i registered today and never got any message and i have checked the number several times and it looks just fine, i can't find what the problem is and i can't purchase what i what till i can fix the problem...

Dear Gonzalo,

Our respective team have found that your mobile has 1 number short. They have corrected it and we have called to verify with you. Your profile is now marked as mobile verified and you may try placing an order. :)

Shall you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to e-mail us at


Not getting a SMS at all. Have waited a long time but it's just not showing up. And I really want to buy something, today.

Problem solved

Dear Tyler,

Thanks for the update and shall you require any further assistance, do not hesitate to e-mail us at

Hello! soy mexicano y tengo el mismo problema que todos, el sistema me dice que mi numero no es valido en cambio proporcione otro y el sistema me dijo que se me enviaria un codigo por medio de un sms pero nunca llego :( ruego ayuda y si les es necesario puedo proporcionarles mi Facebook para ponernos en contacto y de alguna forma resolver este problema :D 

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