UGC retiring???

Hello and good days. Can somebody confirm this news?

"Ultimate Game Card (UGC) will be retiring later this year. Ultimate Game Cards are in the process of being pulled from all retail stores and removed from online resellers. Consumers will no longer be able to buy Ultimate Game Cards after August 15th, 2014.

The last day to redeem your activated UGC codes will be September 30, 2014. So please remember to redeem your UGC codes before that date.

Related to the UGC product retirement, UltimatePoints (UPoints) will also be shut down. The last day to redeem your UPoints will be October 31, 2014.

Please note that some games might stop accepting Ultimate Game Cards and UPoints before the retirement dates so be sure to redeem your cards and points sooner rather than later!

So for those who are using UGC`s i would rather suggest to them to use paypal instead because you can use chargeback fuction easily."

Hiya Eric,

Do you happen to have the link to the source of the news?

Hi Eric,

It seems that it's official now. Do check out the details at Ultimate Game Card's official site and remember to redeem your cards soon!


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