I have paid for two codes but have received emails saying unfortunately they are still in the verification process and have been sent to a special team.I think this maybe because I had 4 orders prior to this I tried to pay for via PayPal and the link kept crashing and I had to cancel those orders and they went into a cancellation queue. What should I do now?

 Hi Alex,

We unable to locate any order that been hold for verification under your name. Is it your order have been completed? If not, kindly provide us with your order number for further checking :). We apologize for slow in reply for your inquiry.

Thank you

Hi again Alex :)

We found your orders (5501652 & 5501658) have been delivered and completed accordingly. Due to the our verification process, it's may take a while before our Agents be able to proceed with your orders. We apologize for this kind of delayed. We appreciate your patience and support regarding this matter. Please do not hesitate to send us an inquiry to for an assistance :)

Thank you.


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