New PSN CARD and XBOX CArd Request

I was wondering if you can add more playstation network card region? Such As Hongkong Region and singapore region?

For Xbox, i'm suggesting XBOX Hongkong/Singapore Region? or Asia Region?

and also XBOX live Gold Worldwide Region


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Hello Aries,

Thank you for submitting. We have forward your request to our CDK department for sourcing. We'll drop you a message if we happened to sell any of the mentioned products.

Hay Aries,

Regarding your request, we would like to inform you that the product team mentioned that they are currently still sourcing for this product and they will announce it on our website if we have gotten a hold of it and started selling.

Thank you for your endless support!


We would like to provide an update on this. Currently, we are unable to get any confirmation from the console publisher themselves if they have any plans to introduce any separate regional products for HK/SG/SEA. However, what we did know is, you can refer to the which region your account is registered to and proceed to top up/redeem based on the provided information.

You can check on our Xbox Live and PSN products here:



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