Go to https://www.offgamers.com/ 

1. Search for ‘Softnyx’ in the search box, click on Softnyx Cash (Global) in the search results list.

2. On the Softnyx Cash (Global) product page, select your preferred denomination. Click "BUY to purchase, and follow the whole buying process to complete the purchase. 

3. Check the quantity and click CONTINUE.


4. Select preferred payment method and click PAY NOW.


5. Key in the Billing Info and click PAY NOW.

6. Visit Softnyx at http://www.softnyx.net/, login and click ‘Cash Charge’.

7. Click ‘ePIN’ on CASH CHARGE page of Softnyx payment window.

8. Enter the Security Code and Serial Number, and click "SUBMIT" to complete the process.

You will be able to check your transaction in ‘CHARGE HISTORY’ page.


Buy Softnyx now.