Enjoy more discount when you join our Reseller program

Steps to Becoming a Reseller:-

Please follow these steps for the Application of becoming our Reseller:

1. Complete the Reseller Form below → send the form to us together with a scanned copy of your photo ID and one utility bill.

2. Place an order for $1,000 OffGamers Gift Card (OGC) (which you may use it later to purchase anything in our Webstore) https://www.offgamers.com/gift-cards/buy/offgamers-gift-card-us → send us your Order Number after you have make payment for the order.

3. We'll proceed with your application and keep you posted on the progress.

Information Required (Mandatory):-


  •     Country/Region that you wish to distribute/resell/initiate the sale campaign.
  •     Product and your monthly quantity that you plan to order from OffGamers.

  •     Your website or store front address.

  •     Your OffGamers registered email.

  •     Phone number, IM contact (Skype, Yahoo, Google Hangout, etc.)

  •     Scanned copy of your Photo ID and Utility Bills.



Program Requirement:-


  1. Application to come with purchase of USD 1,000 OGC upon registration.
  2. The account will be downgraded to Regular Customer status if Reseller does not fulfil the USD 1,000 monthly sales.
  3.  Appealing of upgrade will be considered and Reseller will need to purchase USD 1,000 OGC for the second time after the first downgrade.
  4. Monthly sales include of OGC and product purchases.

  5. All transactions are final and non-refundable.      

  6. Reseller assumes full responsibility for all costs and expenses which it incurs in their business.

  7. The reseller shall promptly report on faulty code (expired/invalid/used code), i.e., within 6 months from the date of purchase.  No refund/cancellation will be entertained after the 6 month period.

  8. Accepted Reseller Payment: Wire Transfer / Cash Deposit / Online Bank Transfer / WebMoney / Western Union.


Payment Guide


Important Notes:


  • The discount rate varies, depending on the product range. 
  • The Reseller is not eligible to receive nor accumulate OffGamers Point. 


* Please email your order number and a copy of the payment receipt for the first purchase of USD 1,000 OGC to reseller@my.offgamers.com.


For more information, kindly contact us at reseller@my.offgamers.com