Explore our Reseller Program:

Enjoy more discounts when you join our Reseller program. 

Discount will be given to Resellers on the suggested retail price (SRP) of the products (no additional discount for Promotional items).  

Find your desired product here, our Webstore offers an astonishing range of merchandise. Grab low-price products without any waits for the Promotion/Campaign.

Information Required (Mandatory):

Please provide full information, sign on Reseller Form and send it to us.

  • OffGamers User Account ID or registered email address

  • Website or store address

  • Phone Number, IM contact (Skype, MSN, Yahoo, QQ, etc.)

  • Banker details

  • Directors or person in charge information

  • Do not attach your photo ID or credit card image in the email

  • Upload your color photo ID and your utility bill here to meet the regulatory obligations of eKYC compliance

  • After passing the verification process, you will have to purchase Store Credit USD1,000 to complete the application 

Program Requirement:


  1. Application to come with a Purchase of Store Credit (SC) $1,000 after we have reviewed your application. SC top up guide

  2. You may use the Store Credit (SC) to buy any product in our Store. (except for OGC)

  3. The account will be downgraded to Regular Customer status if a Reseller does not fulfil the USD1,000 monthly sales.

  4. Appealing of an upgrade will be considered if the Customer purchases USD1, 000 SC after the first down-gradation.

  5. Monthly sales calculation including purchases of OffGamers Gift Card (OGC) or SC top-up.

  6. All transactions (pre-order included) are final and nonrefundable (Return Policy & Refund/Exchange Policy).

  7. Reseller assumes full responsibility for all costs and expenses which it incurs in their business.

  8. Reseller shall promptly report on faulty code, i.e., within 6 months from the date of the purchase.


Important Note:


1) We have dynamic pricing based on the daily forex rate and the acquisition cost.  Discount varies in different products (Sale & Promotional merchandise excluded).  

For the latest products' pricing, please visit our Store at https://www.offgamers.com/

2) The reseller is not eligible to accumulate OffGamers Points (OP).

3) OffGamers Gift Card (OGC) cannot be purchased by using Store Credit.

4) Upgraded to the Reseller account won't reap the benefits of a higher purchase limit.

5) Non-Disclosure of Purchase Price.  Resellers will not disclose the amount of the purchase price nor the discount rate to any third party except as required by law or ordinance of any governmental body having jurisdiction.

We reserve the right to change, remove, or delete any user account with or without prior notice to you, at any time and for any reason at the Company's sole discretion.

By registering an account with OffGamers and accessing to its portals, you acknowledge and accept that your usage of the portal shall be governed by Term of Service and any other specific rules, procedures, terms and conditions for the products, services or facilities as determined or as may be amended by OffGamers at any time or from time to time at its absolute discretion.  

You will be notified about the status of your application within 3 to 4 business days. For more information, please write to reseller@my.offgamers.com.