Please follow the top-up steps to purchase Balens in Dragon Knight with Multi Game Card via Xsolla. 

Go to

1. Search for ‘Multi Game Card’. Click on the search results listing or click on MGC logo.

2. On the Multi Game Card Page, select your preferred denomination. Click "Buy" to purchase.

3. Check your purchase quantity and the denomination are correct before you click Proceed to Checkout.

4. There's a wide range of payment options to select and you may change the “Current Checkout Currency” to view all available payment methods for your region. Click "CHECKOUT" to confirm the purchase.

5. Track the status of your order from your OffGamers order history page. Click "View Order details" to view your order.

6. Open Dragon Knight website - – Login to the game and click on "Payment" to purchase the Balens or at the game page click on Recharge to purchase.

7. Click on amount of Balens to purchase and choose "MORE" for payment option and click "Confirm".

8. Click on the "Multi Game Card".

9. Fill in details – MGC Serial & MGC Pin. Email is optional. Click “Pay Now

You have successfully purchase Balens on Dragon Knight via Multi Game Card.

To purchase more, click here