zGold-MOLPoints(Global) Buying & Reload Guide

  1. Visit OffGamers and search for zGold-MOLPoints (Global) Product Page. Select the denomination, click “BUY


  1. Check the quantity, proceed to Checkout.

  1. Make payment for your purchase – select the payment method and click “PAY NOW

  1. After receiving your Serial number & Pin, visithttp://www.mol.com/Reload/Faq/7

          Please take note:

You have purchased zGold-MOLPoints(Global)

The amount of zGold-MOLPoints reloaded is USD0.01 = 1 MOLPoints.

Steps to Reload zGold-MOLPoints using zGold-MOLPoints (Global)

Step 1

Visit http://www.mol.com/

If you are located at SEA, simply select Canada in order to be able to reload your Global Card.

Step 2

Login or Sign Up

Step 3

From"My Member Page", click Physical Card under thezGold-MOLPoints Reloads section. A popup window will appear.


Important note: Please disable your popup blocker in your Internet Explorer.


Enter the Serial Number and Pin Number for your zGold-MOLPoints. Click the “Continue” button to complete the process.