1. Login to your Game – Touch Gamernizer. There are 2 ways to login into your game.

Click the in-game Top Up button.

1.1 If you are log in on browser, you will have to click here to proceed to top up.

1.2 If you are log in on game client, you will have to login to Gamernizer account here

2. After the step 1.1 or 1.2 you will able to select the top up method:

3. Top up using Offgamers Direct Top Up

3.1 On the Touch Gamernizer product page, select your preferred denomination. Click “Direct Top Up” to proceed.

3.2 Check your info of your Offgamers ID, server name and the denomination are correct before you click Proceed to Checkout.

3.3 There's a wide range of payment options to select and you may change the currency settings to view all payment methods for your region. Click “Checkout” to complete the process.

3.4 Track the status of your order from your Offgamers order history page. Click “View Order Details” to view your order.

4. Top up using Multi Game Card.

4.1 Key in the Multi Game Card (MGC) Serial and Pin number. Click “Submit” button to complete the top up process.

4.2 Confirm the redemption by clicking on the 'YES' button.

4.3 You have successfully redeemed your MGC. Click continue to go back to the homepage.

Click HERE to buy MGC.