FaFaFa Slots – IGS

Tutorial for OffGamers payment

1. There are two entrances for payment. One is FaFaFa Slots's official website https://www.fafafa-slots.com/, on which players may click on E-Coupon/Buy Now and pay. The other is the in-game payment. Players enter the game and tap on Mail icon  at the top right. Then, go to NEWS > EVENT > MORE and select BUY NOW.

Pic 1. Via the official website

Pic 2. Via the in-game page

2. Launch the payment window, select OFFGAMERS and then Next.

3. Select and confirm the desired item. Then, tap on Next to proceed.

4. Confirm your order, Friend Code and payment method. Then select Submit.

5. Go to Multi Game Card page. Enter your serial code and Pin code, and then select Submit.

6. After confirming the content, press Yes to redeem.

7. Press Continue when the redemption is complete.

8. When the result is shown, the transaction is complete and successful. Tap on Close and you may resume to FaFaFa Slots to continue the game.

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