MGC: ROI – Rise of Immortals Top up Guide

During the course of ROI, you must have been facing various issues. If you wish to buy auxiliary item to assist you, other than purchase credits right away from game, you may top-up through official WEB Top-Up as well! Here is the guide for you!

Web Top Up Guide

1. Go to main official website, click the 【WEB Top Up】 at top panel.

2. Click to open Top Up interface, select server and enter game ID and character ID, click Confirm.

3. After logging in there is 2 options: Point Card Top Up, e-Wallet Top Up. Select Point Card Top Up to enter respective Top Up page.

4. Click online purchase service to enter e-Wallet Payment Method list, select one to enter corresponding Purchase page.

5. Click Multi Game Card (MGC) to purchase.

Beside, web top up will be having special promotion from time to time, which you definitely don’t want to miss it!!