1) ​Login tohttp://www.gashplus.com/my/GASH_RM.aspx . Click GASH PLUS网站

2) At http://www.gashplus.com/my/index.aspx, select Gash + 哪裡買,點擊. ​

3) Select OffGamers 線上通路 

4) Select your preferred denomination and click "Buy" to purchase.

5)Check your product quantity and the denomination before you click on the "Proceed to checkout" tab.

6) Click and select the Payment Method and the currency settings to view all current checkout currency for your region. Click "CHECKOUT" to complete the process.

7) Confirm/complete your billing info for a successful checkout.

8) Track the status of your order from your OffGamers order history page. Click "View Order" to view your serial numbers.