Kindly provide us the following information when you have encountered issue, preventing you from accessing our website:

  • Date and time (GMT+8). Please narrow down the range as small as possible to cover the issue.
    • Eg. 2008-01-01 01:30 ~ 01:45.

  • Operating System version and Architecture (i.e. Windows XP, 32 bit)

  • DNS record of

  • Ping Time and Traceroute result [refer section below on what to get these data]

  • Which page is creating issue. Get the URL, such as:

  • Time needed to load that page

  • If there is error, do a screen shot of the error page and if possible, do a 'back' and capture that page as well.

Heres how you can get the DNS record, Ping time and Traceroute result:

Do send it to us to our mailbox: and we will immediately escalate the problem over to our technician to see if any of our network is having issues and get back to you as soon as possible via email.