1) After purchases is made, OffGamers Store Credits will be readily available in your account. Upon checkout, the option to pay via store credits is shown as a link in your shopping cart.

2) Clicking on the “use my store credits for this order link” will bring you to a pop-up message box. If your store credit currency and your checkout currency does not match the option to convert your store credit currency denomination, the latest exchange rates will be shown. Click on “Yes” to continue. Clicking on “No” will abort the conversion.


3) Upon clicking on “Yes”, the currency denomination is converted and the store credit amount is deducted for the order. If the store credit amount is not enough to cover the full amount of the order. A separate payment gateway must be selected to pay for the balance of the amount owed for the order.


An alternative way of Converting the currency denomination of your OffGamers Store Credits would be:-

  • Before checkout, navigate to “My Account” and click on the store credit link
  • Click on the Store Credits link located under “Buyer”
  • Select your preferred currency
  • Click on “Convert Now” to change the currency denomination of your store credits.