Account Name (MY): OffGamers Sdn. Bhd.

Account Number (MY): 342144813101

Account Name (SG): OffGamers Global Pte Ltd
Account Number (SG): 152898649001

1) Pay a visit to your nearest HSBC branch.

2) Insert your ATM card into the ATM terminal and key in your pin number. Select “TRANSFER” on the interface selection menu.

3) Choose “OTHER ACCOUNT” for your next selection.

4) Key in OffGamers’s account number and ensure that the account name is correct before pressing“ENTER”.

5) Input the amount you wish to transfer and press “ENTER” once again to commence the transfer.

6) You will need to select “PRINT ADVICE” to retrieve the payment receipt.


After the transfer is completed, kindly contact us immediately either by phone or e-mail :-

Phone: +603-9222-6654

Please attach the following details before sending it through e-mail:-

  1. Exact Amount sent (MYR):
  2. Date/Time:
  3. Order number:
  4. Payment Receipt:

*You may acquire the images with a digital camera, scanner or even through a camera phone. Content of the receipt has to be clear and should be saved in form of JPEG or PNG file format.

  • OffGamers employees will only request for you to e-mail your receipts to
  • OffGamers employees will NEVER ask for you to e-mail your receipts to any other e-mail addresses or physical addresses, it is important for you to always remain cautious with your payment details to ensure that your order is processed and delivered to its intended recipients.
  • OffGamers employees will also NEVER call from a hand phone number requesting for your payment receipt information.
  • If you suspect that your information has been compromised in any way, please contact us:-

Phone: +603-9222-6654


All orders will be processed as soon as the funds are cleared. Please take note that 3rd Party Transfer, ATM Transfer and Cash Deposit Machine payments may take up to 2 hours to clear. Do not transfer the payment to any bank account, other than the one(s) stated above.

OffGamers will not be held liable for any monetary loss or delays in processing of orders, if the payments are transferred to the incorrect bank account.

The order will only be valid for a maximum of 10 working days. If your payment doesn’t clear in 10 working days from the day the order is placed, your order will be canceled and store credits will be issued to you, once the payment is cleared. This policy is in place to protect you and ourselves from price fluctuations.