For Online Transactions

  • The transaction has been sent to the Credit card issuer for Authorization. Pending response from the card issuer.

  • Payment has been rejected by the card issuer without disclosing any reasons of the rejection by the card issuer.

  • Internal error indicates our connection to Adyen server is unavailable/down.

  • Fail transaction, could not find payment for the order.

  • PayPal e-check:

    • When the account has insufficient funds, PayPal will issue e-check.

    • Usually, it will take up to 5 days for PayPal e-check clearance.

    • PayPal e-check is defined as the following: Sending an e-check is just like writing a check, only you send it through your computer. It’s also called an electronic funds transfer, because you withdraw money directly from your bank account.

    • When you send money with an e-check from a U.S. bank account, the transaction is held as pending for 3-4 business days, until the electronic funds transfer clears your bank. 

    • From a Canadian bank account, the transaction is held as pending for 7-8 business days.

  • Technical errors (i.e. Payment Gateway scheduled maintenance, technical error resulted on payment gateway’s side which resulted in the inability to receive IPN corresponding with the order).

For Offline Transactions

  • We will proceed with the order once customer has transferred the payment to our banking account.
  • To expedite the procedure, please remember to provide a copy of the payment receipt once payment is transferred.
  • The processing time will depend on the type of payment that you have selected during the checkout procedure: