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OffGamers Gift Cards in LoadCentral

Apparently the only gift card provider in the Philippines is AllServe. However, AllServe is notoriously known for its limited card offerings, horrible Customer Support, and being uncommon. As such I would like to suggest making OffGamers Gift Cards available for purchase from LoadCentral, and I have several reasons in doing so - At least 8 out of 10 Internet Cafes in the Philippines use LoadCentral - It is also available at select Western Union outlets - LoadCentral has more card offerings than AllServe, at a cheaper price ($5 Ultimate Game Card sells at Load Central for PHP 250 compared to AllServe's PHP 260) - LoadCentral Customer Support guarantees a response within 3 working days, AllServe ignores its Customer Support Tickets - LoadCentral is more known by word-of-mouth and other forms of advertisiing such as posters I believe both OffGamers and LoadCentral will benefit from a partnership like this. LoadCentral has done the same with MOL, a global e-wallet similar to OffGamers. Please make it happen. More power to OffGamers.


Thank you for submitting your feedback. We will forward your feedback to the relevant team and in touch with LoadCentral. We will keep you posted if we are selling this in our webstore.

Hello there,

We would like to update this thread that, it is unfortunate that AllServe and LoadCentral will not be selling our product after we have approach them for partnership. Mainly, there was some concerns on sales over there and they decided to take up our offer.

However, we highly recommend you to buy from us directly online, so you can buy it at a cheaper price.

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