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I spent 1 whole day fighting with the seller for him to send me, he ignored me a lot, but finally I decided to send me the bill.

However, in the meantime, I opened a ticket, support and finally I opened a claim on paypal, I know it's annoying, but the support never responded to me in a coherent and humane way.

Just automatic and generic, I really need help!

But ultimately, he gave me a vote of confidence and I really want the account.

But now I can't cancel the complaint against him on g2g, because the button is gone





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Shift3 a

Shift3 a posted 8 months

Hi Jose, 

Pertaining to the issue, we will need you to direct your request here to G2G support instead at their email address here or by creating a support ticket by clicking on this link

We are only able to assist you with OffGamers related inquiry due to we are not able to check on G2G related details on your account. Thank you for your understanding.

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