I have attempted verification multiple times, with all of the correct documents and photos and information, but you're still refusing to unlock the payment for a big order I had.

it's been hours and the operators just keep closing the tickets without even bothering to look at the documents.

one example: I had added the date of birth as I hadn't previously done that -

the operator answered, AGAIN, that I add my date of birth, clearly showing he/she hadn't even checked the information I provided again.

just unlock the payment (that has been locked for hours, ndr) and let's get this over with

Hi there Lorenzo! We will need you to direct your request here to G2G support instead at their email address here or by creating a support ticket by clicking on this link

We are only able to assist you with OffGamers related inquiry only as we are not able to check on G2G related details on your account. Thank you for your understanding.



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