Solved purchase

I purchase on G2G site Warthunder acc. Price was 119 Euro and delivery time 1 hr. looks so good.

I was make payment, price go up with fees 134 Euro.

Have message : Payment Received - Pending for verification. (Usually within 5-30 minutes)

5 min later have other message : order is currently being verified and the process may take up to 24 hours.

17 hrs later have the email : After reviewing your account, we found that 1 of your previous order #7458184 , under account

was reversed by your bank.

#7458184 :US $48.18

Total Reversed :US $48.18

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to process any orders or release the funds until the dispute order in question has been rectified. We will be completing

this order and the funds received for this payment will go towards repayment for the said chargeback total above. Please make a repayment via G2G product listing for the sum

USd $50.00 owed back to us to cover the reversed transactions.


But what is fun ,this is my first purchase with G2G and the email from previous order is different.

Contacted support by ticket but answer was just copy of previous email.




Hi there. From our end it appears that your order is under G2G order, therefore kindly  contact our counterpart at for further clarification. We would only be able to help you with inquiries related to your OffGamers account/order. We have also replied on your issue here on ticket 661587. We hope this clarifies.

Regards, Hani.

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