My American Express Gift Card got charged but the order is still processing. Still no code either.

Posted 11 months by Kenneth

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I bought a $50 Karma Coin Card (Global). After pressing the buy button, I was sent to a page that said the order had an error with the payment but I was still charged and brought to the order details page. 
Usually, it would take a few minutes for the order to process and for the code to show up. It's been around 30 minutes since my card was charged and I still haven't gotten an email verification or the code. Should this be happening or did something mess up?
ORDER # 29625139 (31 Dec 2021)
please get back to me asap.

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Shift1 b

Shift1 b posted 11 months

Hi there,  Please do refer to the ticket with ID : 606675 for further update on your issue.  Thank you 

Best regards, erna

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