Verifying !!!!!

Very sad because I am using a digital card to buy in your website us we are in 2021 and you asked me to take a picture of my bank card from the front and back to Verifying !! how can i do that !! After that you told me the Refund takes 2 weeks??

Hi, RAED. Our team has responded to you via ticket ID #578804 and further correspondence will be done via the ticket email we have replied to you  Regards Hill

it has not been resolved yet , just refund my money i don't wanna to waiting 2 weeks i swear i will never buy again from your website, i showed you everything my face & my ID Card & my phone and i showed you the message of my bank on my phone as well as the amount, data and you website, But you want to Verifying more?

Hi, RAED. You are suggested to to drop an email at for further assistance as our Offgamers has no access for your G2G inquiries/products related. Hope this clarifies.

i contacted and they told me the Ticket was resolved, how was it resolved and no refund?

Please be informed, we do not have access to G2G tickets. We would suggest you to clarify the issue faced again with G2G support team at Kindly contact them directly for further assistance. Hope this clarifies.


What if i dont have utility bills what can i upload then

Hi there Natrin, please contact us directly at by providing us the order number so we can check on your verification process. Best regards, Nasyrah

Pending for verification again ORDER №28184755

why does this happend every time when i try to buy from your website i'm using a digital card !!

Hi there,  We have responded to the ticket that was created in regards to this issue. Please refer to this ticket: 579284 for further updates. Best regards, Nasyrah

Hi there RAED! We will need you to contact G2G support pertaining on your inquiry here. Kindly send them an email  at or by creating a support ticket with them by clicking on this link . Thank you for your kind understanding.



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