I cant get the verify to work with my picture and I have reached my monthly limit

Posted about 1 year by David

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I paid for something today and it said i reached my monthly limit and i got an email to verify. I went through the process and i cant get the camera to finish with a photo of me even though it took both sides of my drivers license. you guys have my payment from paypal and the guy selling me the items cant get \this pass the processing because of the limit you set on me. I have been doing business with you for a long time and never heard of this limit before. i need this lifted and i cant seem to get a picture of me on your smiley face thing.

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Shift3 d

Shift3 d posted about 1 year

Hi David,

To receive prompt assistance related to G2G matters, kindly submit your ticket via the link provided below:

Alternatively, you may send an email to support@g2g.com. 

Thank you.

Aisha H.

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