Plz delete my account!

Posted about 1 year by Steffen

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Please delete my account and my data!

kind regards


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Shift3 b

Shift3 b posted about 1 year

Hi Kevin, we have sent you the reply via Ticket ID: 573648 and any further correspondence will be done via the ticket email that we had replied to you. Thank you and stay safe! Regards, Kayel.

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Kevin posted about 1 year

Hi, i just have an Account here. Pls delete it with all data included.

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Customer Experience

Customer Experience posted about 1 year

Hi there  george!

We noticed that you have opened an account with G2G. Please proceed to email regarding your account deletion request. We are only able to assist with OffGamers related inquiries. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Best regards,

Diana P.

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george posted about 1 year

can you delete mine aswell, i didnt make it 

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Shift3 d

Shift3 d posted about 1 year

Hi there Steffen! We will need you to direct your account deletion request to G2G support instead at their email address here or by creating a support ticket by clicking on this link 

We are only able to assist you with OffGamers related inquiry only as we are not able to check on G2G related details on your account. Thank you for your understanding.



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