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Posted about 1 year by Jeffrey

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Hey I'm trying to create a ticket but I can't. 

I accidently cancelled the first transaction with Invoice ID27167348. The order was cancelled on offgamers but the transaction was posted to my paypal account and is pending on my credit card. I don't want to be charged as it was a significant amount. Can you make sure that transaction doesn't get processed? 

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Shift3 a

Shift3 a posted about 1 year

Hi there Jeffrey,

Our support team replied to your concern via support ticket #569759. Kindly check your email inbox and reply to the mentioned support ticket for further assistance.

Thank you.

Shanmugan S.  

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Shift3 b

Shift3 b posted about 1 year

Hi Jeffrey, Our team has responded to you via ticket ID: 569759 and further correspondence will be done via the mentioned email as well. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Regards, Collin.

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