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Posted about 1 year by Ruben

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Hi. Tuesday last week I got scammed on discord and got told that someone had reported my steam for illigeal purchase. and that I had to contact an steam admin on discord. so i contacted this guy and said that I would get all my money back and to get my account not suspended I had to buy $100 steam wallet cards. after they got bought I had to give him the codes that he would scan through a fake program and then show me the progress. I relised it was a scam when it was to late but lbocked my card and contacted my bank as quiclky as possible 

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Shift2 b

Shift2 b posted about 1 year

Hi there Ruben, we have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: (568664) and further correspondence will be done via the email that we have replied to you.  Thank you.



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