i want delete my account

i want delete my account all of it . 

shasso , offgamers , g2g alllllll of it right now immediately immediatelyimmediately immediatelyimmediatelyimmediatelyimmediatelyimmediately 

and g2g is so bad site how they need my information about gorvernment ID? for what for just purchase ? im purchase with my credit card and they Fxxxking need my ID or driving license for what ? forrrr what ? so delete my all infromation about 3 of them 

Hi there il ! We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID:(567674) . We will need you to contact G2G support pertaining on your request. You may send them an email at this email address or by creating a support ticket with them by clicking on this link We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you regarding this. Regards, -Steve

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