Account Problem

Hi, I want to ask if I can delete my another account (I'll call it old account), not this one.

I've made old account almost an year ago, with fake email.(I know I was dumb)

Yes, because this fake email address I had a problem logging in to old account after shasso device pin thing was activated. I wasn't able to get the pin properly by email.

I tried every thing I can, but now I can't even try logging in with old account ;(

But I really needed to buy something so I've sign-up with my friend's phone num, and decided to change current account's phone num to my own num.

However, this didn't worked at all because my phone num was still in use in old account. (This thing also happened when I tried to make a new account with my phone num)

I really want to solve this problem. I there any way for me to access old account or delete old account or just change phone num of current account?

I can definitely send info of my phone num and fake email address I used to make old account by my email registered to this account.

Please, help me solving this problem ;(





Hi Jay, We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: ( 561838 ) and further correspondence will be done via the email that we have replied. Thank you for understanding.

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