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Posted over 1 year by mustafa

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Hello support team

First, you do not have to do this. You disrupted the direct payment methods in my account. I am an old customer with you, and I bought money from you. There was no unsuccessful payment at any time. This is a defect in my right before your right.

You have submitted a request to transfer the merchant account and contacted Chua Seng Weng

We have monthly payments at

They crossed the million mark, they did not even ask us, we are known and we have the seniority in our country




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Shafeeq Shazeli

Shafeeq Shazeli posted over 1 year Admin

Hi there Mustafa! We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID:(535940) and any further correspondence will be done via the ticket email we have replied to you. We appreciate your kind assistance in this matter.    

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