Not receiving my gift card yest

Posted over 1 year by Bryan

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How long does it take to receive psn gift card...?

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Thyagarajan posted over 1 year

Due to the nature of the issue that you are facing, for G2G related transactions and enquiries, kindly do contact to assist for any further. Thank you.

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salah posted over 1 year

the account seller pretend to be someone else after the perchise claiming that his account has been stolen and sold through G2G .It is obvious that he is the seller and the pretender in an attempt to sell an re-sell the same amount over and over again . judging from my cominucation with the seller in G2G he was pretending to be a filipino communicating in English and when confronted he started cominucating in Arabic which revealed the Con. kindly, protect me from his con attempt and ban him from ever selling through a respected platform G2G.

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Hailey posted over 1 year

Hi Bryan!

We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: (534932) via email and further correspondence will be done via the ticket email we have replied to you.


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