League of legends account

So last month i bought a league of legends account and the payment got canceled. So i went and made a new g2g account and bought another one and it still got canceled so i waited the refund but it's been more than a month and still didn't get my refund i keep making support tickets but they get closed by saying "We didn't get your money" (( we refunded the amount)) so how can you refund the amount when u said u haven't received it?... 

i have proof of my not getting the refund matter of a facts i went on playeractions website and cancled my payment to see if i got a refund from them and it got it back the same day. And ofc i called my bank multiple times and they said there's no refund from g2g 

Please help me

Hello there Lyes. We have responded to this enquiry via an email with this ticket number: 534377. Kindly refer to that ticket for further updates.

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