Seller keep updating fake details

I purchased a pubg mobile account and the seller gave me a twitter account which doesn't work and when i told him it doesn't work he denied i sent him proofs that the account doesn't work. He asked me to confirm receipt. I wanted to escalate the order so i get help and refund. But he keep updating same fake details of the account so i don't escalate since it takes 48 hours. He don't answer me anymore now. And the g2g support i don't know why they don't understand that i can't escalate since he keeps updating every time i click on not received.

Pertaining to this matter, we wold like to advise you contact via

He have done that i mean updating details more than 10 time. I'm so tired or this scammer

We understand your concern. Since, you have email to your kind patience will be highly appreciated our relevant team will notify you soon on this matter.

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