Your card payment could not be processed.

Posted about 2 years by EA

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"Hello! We have addressed this matter via the ticket you created  (#483465). Feel free to reply to the aforementioned ticket should you require any further assistance. Thank you and have a great day. "

I'm sorry to have to inform you, but this ticket # 483465 has NOT been resolved. 

I'm not sure of what "assistance from you", that you are referring to Ms. Prishanthini.

My bank account was double charged for multiple game card purchases, that I did not make ... and thank goodness, my bank BLOCKED these multiple error transaction attempts.

My online bank shows;

" Transaction blocked

Denied charges ****  ****  ***** ****** at Offgamers Global pte Ltd, Singapore, SG Denied due Card Issuer Rejection on card ending in **** "

I thought Offgamers was based in London?  What my transaction doing going through China ?

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Prishanthini posted about 2 years

Hello! Please refer to ticket  (#483476) that was created in regards to assisting you resolve your issue. Thank you very much.  

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