Posted about 2 years by Kevin

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Been waiting almost a whole week for this verification to end. scanned my face and card, then I have to send a pic of the backside of my ID and card. Now it's telling me to send it via shasso account. I'm on the shasso website on my account page, where is the upload button? 

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Daryl posted about 2 years

Hi Henrik,

We have checked you profile and found that your order is related to a G2G order. For any inquiries related to G2G, kindly do contact for better assistance. Also, you had not yet informed the team in regards to your verification details whereby you need to inform the G2G support team of your relationship status with the account owner.


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henrik posted about 2 years

i m waiting for arround aa week now as well.

i allready did the same twice now if i dont get my product in the next 2 days i want my money back,

it is cheeky that an internet site wants to see my personal ID so that I can get something that I have already paid for.
something shouldn't even fall under data protection and if I had known something I would never have bought it from you.

i ordered 4 days ago the first account that i bought came in 5 minuts and now this, 

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Amri posted about 2 years

Hi Kevin,

Our team has responded to your inquiry through ticket ID 479862. Kindly refer to the ticket for follow up. 

We value your kind understanding and patience. 

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