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Posted about 2 years by Khaye

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last 2 orders i've had issues with having to provide documents to verify to proceed with the transaction. You've wasted my time and money, furthermore have not even gotten back to me with a response with my last 2 tickets i've submitted. I've been with g2g for over almost 5 years and this treatment is unacceptable and all you can suggest is try a different payment method or just close a ticket. You could at least provide some explanation as to why it takes so long to verify, I've been inconvenienced twice in a row now and so has the sellers. I'm sure im not the only one experiencing the same problem and hope they've received a better response than what you have given. nothing. 


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Prishanthini posted about 2 years

Hi Khaye, our customer support team has reached out to you via ticket (# 478282 ) . You will be assisted further from there. Alternatively, you may send an email to to receive prompt assistance related to G2G matters, . Thank you. 

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