All orders under investigation

Ever since I submitted my ID to become a seller over 1 week ago, every purchase I make is going under investigation. It’s VERY frustrating. My ID should have been accepted or denied by now as well. Please fix the issue so every order stops going under verification.
I have used the exact same payment method every purchase and all of a sudden after spending over $1000+ with no investigations, NOW every purchase is investigated. Why?

I am having the same problems !

Hi Dylan,

We have responded to you through ticket   476631, we will follow up with you through the ticket from now on.

Thank you for your time, have a nice day

I have not submitted a ticket that has the ticked ID of 476631 so how are you going to follow it up as you say you will?

Hello, Dylan. Please be informed that we have sent you an email through and you may get back to us shall you have further inquiries. Thank you.

I am not sure why you are saying that. I have not received any emails regarding this issue.

My ticket is still unanswered. #888602

Hi Dylan

We have forwarded your submission to the department in charge for review. We will have you notified through a separate email once the verification has been completed.  Please email to if you require further assistance regarding this matter.  

Thank you

5-30 min delivery is more like 5days and 30min? I purchased $36 item who the hekk launder $36?

Hi Prince,

Your order required documents submission for additional verification, however you has subsequently requested for cancellation. We have cancelled and initiated refund on the order as requested. Please email to if you require more information or assistance regarding this matter.

Thank you

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