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Posted over 2 years by VIKTOR

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Hello I bought a game code for Eggmoney 10,000WON (KR) code, came but I don't understand where and how to use it

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Shift3 a

Shift3 a posted over 1 year

Hi Ahmed, we have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: ( 560121 ) via email and further correspondence will be done via the email that we have replied.

Thank you for understanding. 

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Ahmed posted over 1 year

Game code

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Aiman posted over 2 years Admin

Hi Viktor,

Eggmoney (KR) can be used to purchase Korean online game points, online content, movies, cartoon service. We suggest you to visit their official website below for all the platform/game which accept Eggmoney (KR) as payment option. 

Please do email us at if you require any assistance on the product. Thank you

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