Refund me or give me flexepin code PLS. Not waiting a month for payment to clear when i used pay pal balance

Posted over 2 years by Jonathon

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Okay how is your company even in business? I paid directly with my paypal balance, not even from my back account through pay pal which was the excuse you used for the first two times that I had to wait due top issues although the second time it was processed WAY quicker after my account was reviewed after speaking to customer service which gave me back some trust and confidence in using your service for a third time which was this transaction... there is NO WAY I am waiting for some bs amount of time like next month according to you especially since I used my PayPal balance and not my bank account through PayPal which means that I did NOT pay with an e- check, there for I should not in any way have to wait for anything to get cleared . I want a refund ASAP cause at this point there is absolutely no reason for you to provide a service that makes everything more difficult and more time consuming than doing it any other, or sorry- every other way possible. I will be contacting pay pal RIP handle this directly in an hour if refund isn't processed OR I am given the code I paid for.. thanks

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razie posted over 2 years

Hi there Jonathon. We have responded to this issue via the ticket 464174.

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