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I have top up 150 and order for 40 and I have been doing order before never asked for document verification and Visa card scan I have been doing orders with out this request of document verification And Visa card scan . I had to canceling my all orders and I used to be vip customers long time in offgamers I came back to play wow First of all why they did not ask document verification before the payment and why after the payment done ?!! And why they asking just now not from first order I have done I mean I order like 6 times with out any one asking for document verification Order Number: 18339725 few minutes ago . This order 18317643 been canceled today in the morning Should I cancel the new order and delete my account

Hello, Sultan. We have responded to you via ticket ID #456584 and you may get back to us via email shall you have further inquiries.

Why do I have to wait for too long to get my money back I canceled my order and now I have to wait . You have to do something better refund me my money back with in 24-48 hours so I can make order from somewhere else
You need to ask for document verification before the payment done ✅ and not after I made 3 orders all went ok ✅ when I made 4th order you guys ask for photo ID and scan Visa card . Anyway be clear from the first order not after making orders and keep me waiting for refund long time is not good
I tell players all about offgamer best website but know end of the story I will never comeback here again and sorry for posting many post

Kindly refer to email   ID #456584  for the update on this issue, Sultan.

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