Verification for a Purchase

Good evening to you! :)

I hope your day has been going well!

Today is my day off, and I decided to play some of my favorite games.

As you can probably tell from my order history, I'm just trying to purchase a Karma Koin card that costs $96.55 CAD just like all the other transactions I have been doing. Nothing unusual. Now, I know that there are policies that you guys follow, and I understand that you may require identification for MY safety, which is great. In fact, the system is asking for verification by taking a picture of my ID card and a selfie.

I've submitted the documents but would like to know if there are ways to expedite the process and make sure that the order is approved, especially when the money was already taken out of my PayPal account.

OffGamers have been very quick with providing me with the services, which is why I continued to purchase through OffGamers.

I would hate to wait a whole 48 hours, just to confirm something that might not even get approved.

Thank you for your amazing customer service and please let me know if you require additional identification. I will do my part to help you help me.

I hope to hear from you soon.

With regards,

Sang Hyon Jeon

Hi Sang Hyon,  

We have sent you a reply via Ticket ID: (455593) via email and further correspondence will done via the ticket email we have replied to you. 


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