Verification payment

I have a pending on my account for verification payment and I did send my ID and selfie how long does it take for everything to be released I need the redeem code

Hi Ali,

We have just forwarded the uploads to the review team , however they shall only be available in minimum 5 hours (may take up to 10 hours) from now to review them. So do expect update from then onwards.  We thank you for your efforts in providing us the documents images and thank you for kindly bearing with us.

Thank you hopefully soon because it been since 3 pm

Once there is an update regarding your order, we will immediately notify you via separate email. 

We truly appreciate your kind understanding and patience throughout our verification process. 

السلام عليكم مشكلتي مع موقع G2G التحقق من الهوية اشتريت اكثر من مره ولحد الان معلقه بسبب التحقق علما باني قمت بارفاق جميع الوثائق المطلوبه ولاكن بدون فائده

Hi Mosleh,

Kindly contact our counterparts at for better assistance on this matter as it is related to a G2G related inquiry. The team in charge would be able to provide you better assistance on the matter.


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