ask for verifying


order number:



is still Verifying, can u plz check it as soon as possible, i have already wait it for a long time.


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Hi Daijie,

Our support team have provided you the details and update regarding your orders via email ticket ID #450353. Please check your email inbox for further update.

Thank you.

Ive had "one time verification" twice and it seems like its for making multiple purchases in a short space of time, which i do because i bulk buy and upgrade accounts
ive contacted g2g who informed me that it was your company who do the verification things

Hi Mitch,

Kindly contact our counterparts at for better assistance on matters related to your G2G account or orders. 

Additionally for your information, the verification process is standardized across both platforms but they are handled by a separate team and department and is not exclusive only to OffGamers.


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