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Posted over 2 years by Aleksandre

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Hello there. I wanted to ask when I'm paying with paypal, woth paypal wallet money, why does it ask for ID verification? Firstly Ive paid once with credit card through paypal (which is on my fathers name) without problems and verification request. (100 usd) Secondly ive paid 100 usd directly with my friends credit card. Thirdly, now I've recieved some money on paypal wallet (which is on my fathers name) and when tried to top up store credit with 300 usd my order was stopped because of verification request. Ive canceled order got refound back. Then tried to top up 100 usd but still was stopped because of verification. At the moment we have tried to make verification woth ipad but looks like it doesnt work with tablet, so we decided to cancel order. Later we will try with mobile to verify my father identity as paypal is on his name and offgamers account is on my name. I just have one question: It asks "1. A valid photo identification (which has not expired revealing your name and address that matches the billing address of your credit card). 2. A selfie photo of you." I understand about selfie but i dont understand about photo of identification. It asks: "revealing your name and address that matches the billing address of your credit card" And i dont understand about credit card adress. This time im paying with paypal wallet, directly, without any credit cards. So for what is needed my id adress to match billing address of my credit card? How you will determine it? When i upload only id card, how you know that address on my od card matches address of my credit card or which credit card?

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Shanmugan Sathuraman

Shanmugan Sathuraman posted over 2 years Admin

You shall receive an update regarding your concern via email ticket #443751. Kindly check your email inbox and refer the email ticket as mentioned for further notification and update.

Thank you.

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