my order still verifiying

my order still verifiying, already send money with bank transfer with mandiri bank transfer but until now still verifying

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I pay 50 $ still they didn’t send me a code !

Hi Nouf,

It appears that your order has been completed now. Kindly check your OffGamers account and you may view the product code directly under the same order number. Please do email us at if you require any further assistance. 

Thank you

Hi Fahrul, 

Please check ticket ID# 432924 as we shall be following up on this reported issue via the said ticket accordingly. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconveniences caused. 

I purchased order since a few minutes but unfortunately my order is still verifying?? Any help attached order details. Help my plz

Hi Samer,

Regrettably, due to system limitation, you will need to reach out to the correct team at pertaining to this, so your inquiry could be escalated through their ticket support system accordingly.


Alternatively, you may also submit a ticket directly to the correct team via the link below:

Thank you.

I have already verified myself and have paid with my girlfriend's credit card and what do I have to do now?

Hi Steven,

The order is made under G2G. Our respective team has responded your inquiry through separate email of order ID: 22230725. Hence, kindly contact for further assistance on any inquiries related to G2G matters. Thank you for understanding. 

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