Quick summary: sold me an already used/invalid iTunes gift card code. They diverted the conversation upon confrontation, told me to try some irrelevant bullshit, which I did and nothing changed. When I filed a dipuste with PayPal knowing you are scammers at this point, you sent me an immediate email (30 seconds later) explaining how your company "lost" against my open dispute case with Pay Pal, and how I should now proceed to email PayPal to close the dispute before you can help me!! And they removed my code from the order page, so I can't even access your invalid code, then you ask me to take a screenshot of the code and the transaction ID (which I had already done as the first step and emailed it to you before and you didn't do shit about it) before you can help me. You literally pulled all the tricks out of the hat for this one, all the classic scamming tactics. If anyone looks at your reviews on SiteJabber, they're all either fake or you mislead ppl into writing them to get fake bonuses on your website. All the critical and semi-critical reviews have exact same stories of you scamming them, saying the order is delayed, payment will be verified later, the item is out of stock, the card is rejected, etc.. when in reality you are selling invalid codes and PHISHING PPL'S INFORMATION through your account manager Shasso. 

GUYS THIS IS %100 a scam, go to and check out all the reviews that are not 5-stars. ALL SAY IT IS A SCAM, because it is. No legit business sells cards cheaper than their price, asks for THAT much personal info for buying a goddamn card, and has to manually reply to people's problems to make the business look legit. No legit business has at least %30 of customer feedback all be saying IT IS A SCAM!!! I literally did the same process with Jerry'sCards, and it went sooo smooth, no need for sign up or extra info, just paypal sign in and I got my card on my email registered with paypal. THIS JUST PROVES ALL THEY'RE DOING WITH THE INFORMATION IS PHISHING IT to probably make even more money. So this is not just a GIFT CARD SCAM, they are also INFORMATION PHISHING which is arguably more criminal and dangerous.

We already started mass movements on Reddit and twitter to report all their servers and abuse of Google AdSense. We're also organizing mass DDoS attacks to stop innocent people from accessing their sites. Join us on Discord to join the cause (taking place every week, email me at <redacted> to get access). I also have all the evidence of their criminal acts with me recorded and documented, and have been collecting similar cases from a lot of other previous customers scammed by If you would like to see info for yourself or submit your case, also contact me at <redacted>.

Hi Cosom, 

Our team have replied to you via email, Ticket ID:  (#430741). We would also like to inform you that any future correspondence will be done through the email.            


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