Hello. I purchased Fifa coins on g2g and I requested a refund. It said it will be done in two working days . Now it’s saying my order will be processed . I don’t won’t the item anymore I just want my money back

Hi Josiah,

We are sorry, as your payment is awaiting settlement from the gateway at the moment. The expected settlement date is projected to be on June 6.  The department in-charge shall notify you on update through a separate email on the said date. Kindly contact the G2G support team at if you require any further assistance on your order.

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.
I want a feedback, I have bought a Itunes card

Hi Senen,

Kindly contact us via for further correspondence on your issue. As this thread may not pertain to your inquiry and may not be relevant as the treadstarter was using a G2G account and is inquirying about an G2G order. 


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